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  • Denis Grigorov

    January 1, 2018 at 8:05 pm

    Random Adventure goals in 2018:

    – Finish all 6-Peaks (my 3rd year in a row)
    – Finish A16 3-Peak Challenge under 24-hours (my 2nd year)
    – Finish 12-Peak-Challenge in Angeles Forest (this one is TOUGH tho!!!)
    – Finish all 52 hikes in 2018 (my 3rd year in a row)
    – Run 1,000 miles this year
    – Run LA Marathon (2nd time in a row)
    – Hike Rim-to-Rim (my 2nd time). And maybe finish R2R2R.
    – Complete C2C (my 2nd time). And maybe C2C2C depending on how crazy I feel.
    – Explore MORE of Yosemite National Park (and Sequoia National Park)
    – Run Rainier Ragnar relay (my 4th Ragnar).
    – Hike Trans Catalina Trail front-to-back
    – Hike the Lost Coast
    – Hike the High Sierra Trail (all 72-miles of it)
    – Summit Mt. Whitney (my 3rd time)
    – Summit one new big mountain in 2018, like Mt. Baker or Mt. Hood this summer.

    – Summit Mt. Denali. Just kidding about that. This toughie will have to wait until I finish Nursing school first.

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