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Homepage Forums Campfire Garmin In Reach Plans – which one to choose? Reply To: Garmin In Reach Plans – which one to choose?

  • Angelique

    February 2, 2022 at 9:23 pm

    Hello Jeff,

    Thank you, yes, I like that you can still go over and just get charged if that should happen. Are you only using your device on some hikes and not all? Also, latest development: I had purchased, on Amazon, a refurb mini but I was not impressed with the screen resolution – decidedly dark and fuzzy, so I decided to purchase straight from REI and it turns out REI has an exclusive on the mini 2 – much longer battery life plus a few other extras like the ability to back track your route, anyway, the upgrade was $50 on top of a new (not refurbed unit) which means I just paid $400 + instead of the initial like $309+ – thoughts? I have yet to open the box.

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