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  • Jeff

    February 10, 2023 at 7:42 am

    Thanks for the recommendations, Andy!

    We are looking at expanding the peak lineup to give challengers and opportunity to pick their six peaks. We are planning a challenger survey for past and current AZ summer and winter challengers sometime in early March.

    A few of the criteria we look for:

    • Should allow following a trail (not an off-trail route)
    • Physically challenging (highly variable due to individual fitness levels)
    • Mainly Class 1, but can include some Class 2 or even Class 3
    • Bonus points for unique features (geology, history, etc.)
    • Trailhead does not require 4WD

    We also try to incorporate a mix of the hikes that are on everyone’s “must hike” list and some obscure hikes that people may not have heard.

    If you or anyone else has additional suggestions, let us know!

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