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Check out what other challengers are doing! This shows all the peaks logged across all challenges in the Six-Pack of Peaks Challenge Series. You can page through them all, or filter to show just hikes from one challenge. 

2021 NorCal

Succumbing to Diablo Mt.

Finally got a chance to reach the Mt. Diablo Summit by foot over bike this trip.  Our crew all wished we had bikes upon reaching

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2021 SoCal

Strawberry Peak

This was peak number 3 of the challenge. We hiked this in the middle of Summer last year, and I remember it being very difficult.

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2021 SoCal
Reagan Hernandez

Mount. Baden – Powell

I was able to get away for a hike with my sweet hiking friends, Alison, Violet, and Danielle. We also took Alison's dog, Benjamin. the

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2021 San Diego
Adrienne Jumelet

Above the Clouds

It was a dreary day in San Diego, but we were above the clouds and had a beautiful hike. It was pretty windy at the

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2021 SoCal
Tiare Eda

Walking on clouds

Santiago peak via maple springs. 10miles and 2,000ft elevation gain. There wasn’t much information out there for this trail so I hope I can give

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