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I’m psyched to do this hike before San G so i ditched work friday and drove to which ever coordinates my gps decided to take me. I cannot believe it when i reached the huge parking lot that there were only 3 cars and that the sign indicates 2mi to the peak… seem sketchy since the trailheads I’d seen were either 8 or 15.
I hiked by myself from time to time but normally trails with more hikers. This one has none, considering it was 8am, at least on my way up to Sawmill. I don’t normally played music but today I kinda have to and extra attentive for some creatures lurking in the territory.
This was my first time in this national forest and it was a little nerve-racking until I get to the clearing exposing the tower. There still some uphill hike to actually reach the sign. Gorgeous view of Chumash wilderness.
I felt a little guilty that this hike was short from where I started and decide to continue on Sawmill. It was descending to where the Chumash wilderness sign is located and thinking to myself that it was not be fun getting back to the parking. Oh well.
On my way back, I met Phil at Mt Pinos junction and he just completed his 321 challenge as well as his 12th peaks that made him the first finisher in that category.
I sure be back to complete Grouse mountain with Mt. Pinos and Sawmill.


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