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Cucamonga Peak Hike


icehouse canyon trail

Trail Conditions:




The Cucamonga peak hike was extremely hard. Mt. Wilson via the Mt. Wilson trail left me sore to the bone for 4 days. I almost quit the Mt Baldy hike 3 times but just couldn't allow myself to quit. Now the Cucamonga peak hike had some unforgiving switchbacks from hell. Wow!!! It was dig in time for me. These hikes has me rethinking my training and approach. These hikes are INTENSE !!!!! Although I see hikers blazing up without even breathing hard. These hikes are a learning experience for me. Its changing my life. I'm amazed. I'm hiking a peak every week and I train at 24 hour fitness twice a week in between hikes and I'm still a trail snail. I just received some info on anaerobic lactate threshold training and hiking specific interval training which I've started. Next up is Mt. San Jacinto.. Making it to Cucamonga peak was extremely satisfying. I Love this stuff.


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