Felt Like Hiking through “Middle Earth”

Peak SummitedMount San Jacinto
TrailheadMarion Mt. Trail

Started out just before 9 am and also just after a rain storm came through. First hour started out super humid but finally cooled off to an overcast sky. With the rain came all the wonderful smells of the forest and no dust on the trail. There is a lot to see on the hike. So many different types of vegetation, flowers and scrubs. This hike felt like I was hiking with Frodo and Sam in “Middle Earth” with the music “Ramble On, Over the Hills and Misty Mountain Hop” as the background soundtrack. I did really good going up even though I did stop for a ton of pictures, only starting feeling it on the way down about the last few miles. All in all an awesome hike and the views were still amazing with some cloud coverage. One of my new favorite hikes and I will definitely be back this fall.

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