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Fifth peak – Rose


Canyon View Trail

Type of Hike:


Trail Conditions:

Trail in good condition


Road suitable for all vehicles


Bugs were not too bad


Snow free

A Rose by any other name…

This is such a wonderful hike. Just behind the Sunol Visitor Center,  across the bridge, is where we started on the Ohlone Wilderness Trail. It may seem like a long hike, but the intervals of rolling hills and ridges presented a pleasant stroll through this beautiful wilderness. The fog had rolled out a bit by noon when we took a lunch break atop a ridge that offered an incredible panoramic view of the west. We could see south past Mt. Umunhum, and to the north – Mt. Tam, and beyond Mt. Diablo.

Unfortunately, by the time we arrived at Doe, the fog had rolled back and brought some gusty winds for company. We waited to see if it would clear for sunset, but when we were at Rose, the fog was still thick as soup and the wind now howled like a boss. Still felt great to summit; of course…the obligatory pics.

The return trip offered a beautiful clear day. Blue skies in all direction. The rolling greens now covered with flowers in full bloom to receive the sunshine… The Hilllls are Aliiivve… (ok, done. sorry  :D)

We decided to visit Little Yosemite on the way back, but when we got there, it was so crowded. Maybe i sighed, realizing i was back. I do remember though that i had already started missing Rose Peak.


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