Finished off with a Cherry…I mean Strawberry on top!!!

Peak SummitedStrawberry Peak
TrailheadRed box Canyon picnic area

Our last of the 6 pack of peaks. We had to change some of our plans do the fires that happened this year but Strawberry peak was a great way to end the challenge for us. At first, I didn't understand why the trail difficulty rating was hard. The beginning of the trail was fairly Mild. The Trail had some very skinny sections but nothing too crazy. The second part of the trail after the saddle was filled with very steep ascents. The climb was only made more difficult by all the Yucca plants that would poke right through our hiking pants. The Peak had a very small amount of space for people to take pictures. Luckily enough my wife and I were the first to make it to the summit that day! It was also still early and cool enough that the Wasp and Bees weren't as active. We quickly took our pictures and had our picnic about 20ft back down the trail to a bigger area. We did it!!!


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