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Manker Flats

Trail Conditions:




We absolutely loved this hike. We hiked Cucamonga the day before but had so much more fun on Baldy. The trail up is beautiful with the landscape changing as ones ascends. We stopped by the Ski Hut and met the gracious hosts, Dave and June. They kindly gave us a tour of the hut and gave some fascinating history. Can you believe Sierra Club members still carry bags of concrete and supplies up there in order to maintain the cabin. I highly recommend a visit to the hut or make a reservation with the Sierra Club to stay a few nights up there. -The summit- The views are amazing with 360 degrees of scenery, lots of picture taking. Still some patches of snow, but none on the trail. The way back down the loop was a little rough with some slippery loose rock, we saw a few falls, but everyone was fine. After the slippery rocks came the Devils Backbone with more amazing views. Then came a long boring road right after the ski lift but it was a nice way to stretch our legs after 2 days of back to back hiking. We enjoyed this hike so much we will definitely do it again. Maybe even camp next time.


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