Hiking Adventure With My Parents

Peak SummitedMount Baden-Powell
TrailheadVincent Gap

My dad, who is based in the Philippines, was in LA for about a week to attend my younger brother's college graduation. He hiked with me last year when he was here for our family roadtrip, but this year, he said he can take on a peak with me. My mom has always bragged to him how she finished Mt. Baldy twice in the past two years, but I had to convince my dad to do Baden-Powell with me and my mom instead since I was already scheduled to join the Climb for Heroes in Mt. Baldy the following weekend. I have hiked Baden-Powell before and it is definitely one of the favorites. Mom also had unfinished business with this peak since when she joined me there last year, she did not summit (she was not supposed to do more than 4 miles due to her knee condition but she is stubborn anyway and was probably only a mile away from the summit when she decided to turn around and come back down).

My dad tried to keep up with me up to half a mile from the summit while my mom did her usual consistent pace. About half a mile to the summit, my dad started cramping up to the point he could not walk. We probably rested for almost an hour (he confirmed he still wants to summit with me but to just give him time to rest). Soon enough, my mom caught up to us. She laughed hysterically upon hearing what happened. She also happened to have VERY strong painkillers so she had my dad take some. We eventually headed up to the summit. My mom and my dad were very happy to summit and I could not be more proud of them. We all made it down without further issues.

After we got a drive-thru of McDonald's chicken tenders as post-hike food (no proper lunch since I was in a hurry), my mom and dad dropped me off to attend the Lynyrd Skynyrd concert at the nearby Glen Helen Ampitheater. Mom said my dad was knocked out the whole 2-hour drive home (as I said, very strong painkillers).

I felt so blessed to have amazing parents and to have been able to do this amazing hiking adventure with them.

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