Hiking with Heroes

Peak SummitedMount Baldy
TrailheadFrom the Ski Lift parking lot
GroupHappy Hikers SCV

Today, I hiked with my Happy Hikers SCV group as apart of the SoCal Hiker team for the Climb for Heroes! It was a great event. A clear, but warm day on the mountain. It was great to see all of my hiking friends, hiking heroes, and the veteran volunteers on the way up and down!

Tips from your ambassador:
-Manker Flats parking lot will get you up to the summit also via the Ski Hut and San Antonio Falls. It’s a steep, but gradual climb to the summit. Most people will loop and come down from the summit to the Backbone to the Notch and down the ski lift trail.
-The ski lift parking lot has a trail at the top to the Notch and then up to the Summit via the Devil’s Backbone. The trail this way is steep in the beginning and the end with not much shade.
-You can use the ski lift to cut off the boring miles in the beginning and the end. It gets you up to the Notch restaurant, which is the last place for water, flush toilets, and food. It’s $25 round trip.


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