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I thought I had a great idea!


Angeles Oaks

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Okay, so somehow, I thought it would be a great idea to do this trip as a back packing trip over 2 days. And while in hindsight I'm glad I did because I had plenty of time to enjoy the mountain and didn't feel rushed, the 35# bag made me feel like I had gone 20 miles by the time we made the 5 miles to camp. I had a great group of people join me on this adventure some of my strong a steady partners and a few new ones). I opted to sleep in my car the night before at the trail head and met the group at 6:30 a.m. the trail was very crowded but I didn't mind given my slow pace (did I mention I'm a turtle hiker?). We made camp about 1pm. Our plan was only go as far as camp on day one. We set up camp and napped before refilling water and having dinner. Most of us did not sleep due to the high winds that blew all night. But somehow, we manage to rally at 5am for breakfast on day 2 and head to the summit, leaving our camp in tact. We made it back to camp about 12:00pm where we had lunch and broke camp. Honestly I would recommend breaking camp in the morning as our plan did not account for full sun and heat while we packed up. We left the campground about 1pm and made it back to the parking lot about 4:30. While this hike seemed very long, I really enjoyed the trail and its scenery. So far this peak is my favorite.


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