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It was blazing HOT on that mountain!


Angelus Oaks San Bernardino Peak Trail

Trail Conditions:




We knew it was going to be a pretty warm day on the mountain but it ended up being blazing HOT. Most of Southern California was under an excessive heat warning but the weather reports showed lower temperatures on the mountain so off we went. If you have ever researched this hike you know even the hiking books say it better to stay away from this trail on hot days due to all the full sun explore. I ended up having to use my trekking umbrella but by the time we were hiking across the rocky mountain side before reaching Limber Pine Bench Camp I was burning up from the heat reflecting back at me off the ground and all the rocks. Not only was the mountain hot, it was dry! The creek before Limber Pine Bench was dry, thankfully there was enough water in the creek past Limber Pine Bench to resupply my water (there was a tiny trickle of water flowing, made refilling my water a challenge). When we reached San Bernardino Peak we were pleasantly surprised to discover that once again, we had the peak to ourselves. After spending about an hour at the peak we headed down the mountain stopping at Washington Monument on our way. I can honestly say, if I didn't have my trekking umbrella with me, I probably would not have made it all the way to the peak. The heat really slowed me down, ended up taking us 7 hours and 9 minutes to reach the peak but only 3 hours and 43 minutes to make our way back to the trailhead. I was thankful for Courtney's patience and encouragement as I struggled towards the peak.


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