Hike Log

It’s Green Everywhere


Henry Coe Visitor Center

Type of Hike:

Day hike

Trail Conditions:

Trail in good condition


Road suitable for all vehicles


No bugs


Snow free

It was green everywhere. Fresh green grass, fresh green leaves on trees, green hillsides, green green green. So wonderful to see the Coastal Ranges in their green glory in the spring. The wildflowers haven't really bloomed, yet. Some Hound's Tongues, buttercups and shooting stars, but I am guessing it's a little too early in the season. I could see  much of the snow covered Sierras in the distance from top of Blue Ridge.

The infamous Short Cut to Blue Ridge was not as difficult as expected. I braced myself for it, ate a handful or nuts and drank water, plugged in my music and set a comfortable pace for myself. The second long ascent back to the visitor center was much more challenging emotionally, it was later the day, I was more tired and more ready to be home. As side note, there is a lot of water this year, I had to take my boots off for both Coyote Creek crossing both times.

The peak itself is rather anticlimactic, it's basically an inconspicuous knoll on what may or may not be the high point of the ridge line. The views are mostly obstructed by vegetation.

All and all, about 9 hrs total, with about 1 hour of breaks. I am very sore today.


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