Katahdin Glory

Peak SummitedMount Katahdin
TrailheadHelon Taylor

Started at 6:15am up the Helon Taylor trail to the legendary Knife Edge. The Edge was the toughest and scariest section of trail that I ever did. Had I know just how bad it was I would have hike another route to get o the top. The weather was clear and cool on top of Baxter Peak. I got to see two AT thru hikers finish their journey – that was cool!

We underestimated this Mt. and how long it would take to complete the hike. We hiked down the Saddle and Chimney Trails to get back to Roaring Brook Camp Ground, at 12:15am the next day. The last four hours was in the rain and darkness!!

Exhausted and in pain after 18 hours we finished.



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