Magnificent Mansfield

Peak SummitedMount Mansfield
TrailheadSunset Ridge Trail

It took just under three hours to get up to the peak of Mansfield. The weather was hazy and humid all the way up, which was good because shortly after reaching the top the sun came out and it hot! My wife and I hiked up together as we always do, when we reached the peak we ran into Rachel, one of the Long Trail maintainers. We first met her on Camel's Hump the week prior to Mansfield. She was pleasant to talk with and a great ambassador for the Long Trail.

Mansfield is the highest peak in VT and we've wanted to hike this for a long time, i'm glad we finally did it. This challenge has motivated us to hike beyond the White Mountains. The Whites are beautiful and great hiking but so is Maine, Vermont and Massachusetts.

Onto the Whites next to finish the last two climbs.



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