Hike Log

Mt. Baldy


Manker Flat

Trail Conditions:




We arrived to the already filling parking area around 6:00 am and began the trek at 6:15 am. The trails we took were: Manker Flats > Baldy Notch > Devil's Backbone > Peak! > Ski Hut > Manker Flats. I am so thankful we started as early as we did because the trail became increasingly busy. Devil's Backbone was a lot of fun, and had stunning views. I couldn't believe people hike it during the winter. This entire hike was breathtakingly beautiful, which helped with how challenging it was! The steep parts are STEEP. I absolutely loved the challenge and feel like hiking is becoming one of my favorite activities. Reaching the peak of Mt. Baldy felt amazing and enjoying lunch just the treat I needed.

Arriving as early as you can, having enough water, sun screen, and hiking poles are key to making the most of this adventure.


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