Hike Log

Mt Greylock- Snow, Ice, and Bear


Gould St.

Type of Hike:

Day hike

Trail Conditions:

Minor obstacles posing few problems


Snow and ice on road


No bugs


Snowfields to cross – could be difficult

I called in advance about the conditions. The Ranger let me know that snow and ice was still found on trails. We brought Yak Shoes and poles to help out.

We started up Gould Trail and trail was nice for most of the route up. Near the very beginning there was a tree down that we needed to walk over.

About 2.6 miles up until the road, there was ice on trail. But it was easily avoided. My brother had fun breaking the ice. From the road up to the peak was a sheet of ice. We managed fine without our winter gear, but it would have made it better. This section clearly didn't get enough sun to melt the ice as it was still pretty thick. The pine needles covering did provide some traction.

As we got to see the summit, a bear came running out of the woods. It saw us and headed right back in. Unfortunately, we had just put the camera away.

We kind of lost the trail for a bit and wandered in the parking lot to find the Thunderbolt Trail to head down. We did hear that there was soft snow on trail. Due to the steepness and snow, I pulled out my poles and my sister-in-law pulled on her Yak shoes. It was slow and steady going down, but we all made it.

My Mom was supposed to come on the trip with us, but had pulled her back. I'm glad she wasn't because it would have been slower going with her.

Overall, the weather was gorgeous, there were no bugs, and we really enjoyed being outside. As a plus, my brother got a picture of me after I fell.

I expect in a few weeks that the trails will start being snow and ice free.

Peak 1- Done!


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