Mt. Wilson – 1 down, 5 to go!

Peak SummitedMount Wilson
TrailheadChantry Flats

Beautiful day, beautiful hike! We were a bit worried about being cold because of the “Cold Storm” that came through (lol, So Cal !) but after a few trips to REI, we were just fine. Wool layers and gloves were the key.

We hit the trail @7:15 and hiked about 15 miles. Didn't get back to the car till @ 4:30pm. We took our time…took lots of photos and enjoyed the views. The detour to Sturtevant Falls was definitely worth it.

Two parts of the hike were a bit confusing on the decent (as others have mentioned): the trail to start the decent from the parking lot up top, and the junction where Winter Creek splits. We eventually found the unmarked start of the trail to decent, but would have chosen differently at the Winter Creek junction split. We went left to Lower Creek, thru Hoegee Camp. Even though it's a bit shorter, having to walk @ 1 mile on a paved road (up hill!) wasn't an ideal way to end our beautiful hike! (I would definitely go right next time at this junction, following the sign to Chantry Flat).

We were pretty tired afterwards, but so excited to finally finish the 1st peak! I love this challenge! Can't wait for the next one!


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