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Never Again


Vivian creek

Trail Conditions:




What can I say but IT WAS BRUTAL. It started off brutal and ended brutal LOL. Those switchbacks had me like OMG. My legs were not happy with me. No matter how exhausted I was, I managed to go further and further. Had it not been a hike dedicated to my cousin Danielle, and this challenge…I don’t know if I would’ve made it. I feel God & my guardian angel really helped me get through it. No they didn’t make it any easier, just gave me the will and the guidance in the dark. I still remember standing there looking at what I thought was the peak. Thinking “how will I get there?” Feeling discouraged and tired, I managed to make it. That’s when I realized that wasn’t the peak. The peak was a peak of rocks in the distant. At that point I wanted to fall over and just die. LOL. Nope instead I pushed myself. Pushed myself to get to that stack of rocks I’m viewing in the distance while walking on what appeared to be the moon. Once I approached the rocks. I just stood there looking at them. Not sure if I should laugh or cry, so I kinda did both. Now it was time for me to work my way up those rocks, so I can place my memorial stone inside the box and take a pic with the sign. It’s funny how one sign can excite a person. It’s just a piece of wood with San G and elevation. That piece of wood meant so much to me. I did it! I didn’t conquer San G., I simply just did it. So that said, shortly after is when I realized. Omg now I must go down!!! So I gathered my belongings, touched the sign one last time, and walked away feeling so exhausted yet so fucking proud. Needless to say, we ventured out in complete darkness, and I was scared. Lol. I never thought we were going to make our way out, but eventually the never ending switchbacks FINALLY came to an end. Eventually we again walked on rocks and sand in pain. In the distance I finally could see my Rrramone (jeep) parked there waiting for me. I literally hugged him and said “let’s go home baby”



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