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On top of spaghettiiiii……


Vivian Creek

Trail Conditions:




Oh hey there, San Gorgonzola, I mean Gorgonio. Here I am, smiling from the top of Struggle Town. Did I somehow forget how hard this hike was? I think I must have blocked it from memory. Everything is sore, and it took a lot of grit just to get this one done today. It got pretty hot, bugs and mozzies were aplenty and we even came across a ferocious wind/sand storm above the treeline. But did I die? no. 6.5 hours up, but 3.75 hours down, my fastest yet! Started at 6.15am, back at the car before 5pm. It got really hot and I drank all 4 litres of water so make sure you bring plenty. oh and my america the beautiful pass/passholder totally got baked and warped sitting on the hot dash. So there's that. BUT 8 Pack of Peaks COMPLETE!!


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