Hike Log

San B and SanB E


Angelus Oaks

Trail Conditions:




I work very late Friday and Saturday nights which have doing my hikes with minimal sleep. Today was no different other than it was the least yet at 1hr 45min! Normally someone else drives but figured today I would steer us in the right direction. Met buddy 1 on to buddy 2 then to pick up buddy 3 gear loaded in the and on and up we go! Drive there was easy enough. Then we pull into the trailhead rocks dips and ruts every where the lowered Prius was not happy, but some scraping bumping and were parked of course when drive! Lol

The hike was great weather perfect trail conditions couldn’t ask for better day! Many hours later we have reached the peak! Had some lunch, took our group shots. Last year a high school buddy and dear friend ( many of you also knew him) pasted away on this very peak R.I.P. Dean. I told his sister when I did this hike I would take a picture with him on the peak. I had forgotten the picture so I pulled a photo up on my phone pulled of the internet ( good thing I had some service) and my buddy take a very nice photo .

As we headed out it was decided we would also bag San B East for a double header. Over we go knock it out and head down back to the car. We make great time still have to bust out the headlamps. Hey we made it back to the car! Load up let’s get going. It’s now dark of course and the road out look like the rocks have grown and the ruts are now the Grand Canyon lowered Prius is not remotely happy “ we’re on 3 wheels!” What hell am I hitting now “there’s a big burm over here” nope front end doesn’t like that way wooo finally out car intact. We jam over to Hanger 24 for a quick brew and some tasty snacks. Couldn’t ask for better day with the crew!


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