Hike Log

San Berdu’s 50 Shades of Green!


Angelus Oaks

Trail Conditions:




This may not be my fave peak, but it is my fave trail out of all the six peaks, Manzanita Flats being my favorite part. You’ll see 50 shades of green all throughout the hike! Whoever maintains this beaut for sure has a place in heaven!

Weather was not too hot but the bugs were o.u.t.! Hiking in shorts is a bad idea at this time, as I ended up with 6 big bites that now turned into dark red, black-ish bumps.

I carried 3L of water and a liter of Nuun. I still had about 1.3L when we reached the water source on the way back, but refilled my bladder just to be safe. And I’m glad I did.

I don’t know what it was but despite having taken my asthma and allergy meds, at the last three miles, something triggered my allergies so badly that my eyes got swollen and teary and my nose runny. I had to use my water to wash my face and eyes often. Maybe it was those 50 shades of green that triggered my allergies or something. Whatever it was, it was all worth it!


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