Hike Log

Sizer shortcut sucked.


Henry Coe Visitor Center Mnt Sizer loop

Type of Hike:


Trail Conditions:

Minor obstacles posing few problems


Road suitable for all vehicles


Bugs were not too bad


Snow free

Group of 6 training for Mount Whitney backpacking trip. I had a 25.5lbs pack.

We knew this was going to be tough, and we were right. We decided to challenge ourselves by going clockwise, to take the “shortcut”.  Started the normal hike going up, few downs, and up again. Then all of a sudden, we started going downhill QUICK.

We got down to the canyon where the first creek crossing was. We had lunch before crossing the knee deep creek. As we got to the other side we were greeted by multiple butterflies.

Oh yea, we were also greeted by the “shortcut”.

As we were climbing “the steepest hike in the bay area”, This is where I was getting overheated. Remember I have 25lbs backpack. With that said, i started taking more breaks, drinking more water, and cooling myself down.

After reaching the top of the “shortcut” we definitely took a break. We saw a peak so we went onward. Got to that peak. Yup, that's it. No sign, no marker, but it was the highest peak around.

We needed to reach our campsite because we were starting to go low on our water supply. After going up and down the jackass  and another trail, we got to our campsite in poverty flats. That's where we tested our water filters on the creek water.

After spending the cold night in the canyon, we had breakfast, packed up, and started again. Crossed the creek again. Up hill again, “mini shortcut”. More uphill and finally at the visitor center.

We hiked, we suffered, we lived, we completed.


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