Hike Log

Sunny Side Up with Strawberry(s)


Strawberry Peak Trail Head from Red Box Picnic Area

Type of Hike:

Day hike

Trail Conditions:

Trail in good condition


Road suitable for all vehicles


No bugs


Snow free

Hiked with Daniel Tyrell, and we were happy to find Angeles Crest Highway open just far enough to reach Red Box Picnic Area.  Crossing the 2 was super easy with no one allowed to drive beyond that point.  From the trail head, the first 2 miles gained elevation gradually, leading us to wonder if the hike was really going to be that easy.  Once we got to the junction on Lawlor Saddle (pay attention to the sign as it would be easy to keep heading to Strawberry Meadows instead of up the narrower trail to the peak) things got much steeper through the peak.  The trail does go over some rocks, but they're more like steep steps than anything technical.  We decided it was more a sunny side up than a scramble, although I was happy I had my hiking poles both ascending and descending.  After signing the registry, we enjoyed views across the LA basin to the Pacific and through the San Gabriels to Mt Baldy, which is still heavily snow covered.  Another group offered us pink sparkling wine and strawberries (the fresh berries mentioned above, ha), which we couldn't turn down before we started back down the trail.  Great hike, great weather, great company!


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