Hike Log

Surprise Mount Wilson



Type of Hike:

Day hike

Trail Conditions:

Trail in good condition


Road suitable for all vehicles


No bugs


Snow free

First off, I originally planned to hike the Sturtevant to Mt Zion loop as a solo hike with my full pack to train for an upcoming 2-week backpacking trip (first time taking my pack out). I was expecting the trail to be much more crowded by what I was seeing with the parking situation, but it was actually pretty quiet. I started about 7:15 AM. Weather was perfect, was chilly in the morning but good hiking weather (and got a little bit misty in the middle of the day), and good trail conditions. Had to cross the stream a few times, but nothing too challenging. I came to the sign where I could either go right to go up to Mount Wilson or left to go to Mount Zion. Ran into a group of guys who were hiking Mount Wilson, and seeing that it was 3 miles away instead of 1.5 like Mount Zion, I was feeling pretty good at that time and felt I might as well push myself a little further. I wouldn't normally take a route that I wasn't pre-prepared for, but that group was nearby most of the hike and I saw a few other people as well, so I felt comfortable enough to do so.  At about the halfway mark from that sign to the top, I was slightly regretting my choice, but afterwards I was definitely happy I did. There was a tiny bit of snow at the very top, but nothing close to the trail. Also, on the way down, some men pointed out the Poodle-Dog bushes, which I hadn't heard of before, that grow after wildfires and can be poisonous. So be sure to look those up and avoid them. I got back to my car around 2 and had a burger at the market/station at chantry flats that was pretty good, definitely hit the spot after hiking all morning.


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