Hike Log

Swing Up to Wilson


Chantry Flats

Type of Hike:

Day hike

Trail Conditions:

Trail in good condition


Road suitable for all vehicles


No bugs


Snow free

This hike was done with the 3H group. 3H did Mt. Wilson twice, once in March and once in April. This hike was the earlier hike in March. Due to the anticipated crowd that would be ascending up to Chantry Flats I made sure I got there shortly after the gates opened in order to get a parking slot. Then the group assembled near the trail head and after a brief overview we set out. This hike was no different from my previous hikes to Wilson except for the fact that this was my third time to hike to Wilson via Chantry. As before, we descended from Chantry to Winter Creek and from there headed up the Sturtevant trail. Unlike the two previous times I had hiked this trail (also with 3H) this time, the waters were rushing and there was more water than I ever seen it before. The water crossings however, despite having more water than in the past were soon done. We stopped at Sturtevant Camp. This time, we stopped for an extended period and took turns on the swing. In the past hikes up this trail I don't remember ever using the swing, so this time was a little different because some of us decided to try out the swing. Then afterwards we proceeded up the final 2 miles or so up Wilson. As before the last 1.4 miles seemed longer than they actually were but we all made it. Cosmic Cafe was still closed as this was March however the water fountain was flowing so I was able to refill. Our hike lead cooked some food on the stove and shared it with the group. We rested there for a while then took photos and then headed down. This time I was slower than usual but because of my map, I knew which route the group would take which I decided to follow: down Upper Winter Creek trail.  I was the last to arrive on the parking lot but it was ok. One peak down for the  SoCal Challenge.


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