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Tiger woods is champion again


Davil’s back bone

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‘Tiger woods is champion again after 5 years' is the headline I saw on news and I felt the same way after I wrapped up this year's 6 pack of peaks challenge. After I injured my back on 13 June, I still had 3 more peaks to go. With mine and my family's health challenges escalating, I was not sure if I can pull this off. This followed 2 months lull without hitting any trail. Come September, I decided to push through back issues and go for remaining 3 peaks. And yesterday as I got back to my car, I felt Triumphant similar to what Tiger had felt.

Sure my back problems are not close to what Tiger had faced in last 5+ years. He had suffered way more. But he is champion again and I feel champion again. Now I have to see how my back holds up and get ready for next year.


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