Hike Log

Tinkers Knob (Doggy’s first PCT hike:-)


Granite Chief at Olympic Valley

Type of Hike:

Day hike

Trail Conditions:

Trail in good condition


Road suitable for all vehicles


No Bugs


Snow free



#4. Had a day off from work so decided to do TK.

Trail ascends first 4 miles to PCT with plenty of water sources every mile or so. Infact water source was there next 3.5 miles to TK as well which kept dog very happy.

barely any Hooman May be because it’s Monday. Met one PCT hiker, who started July 9th from Canada. Trail name Mayo from Netherlands. Hopes she gets to cross Kennedy meadows by 10/15 and avoid snow.  Doggy was happy to see a fellow homo sapien.

trails goes down 800 ft on pct for 1.5 mile before ascending again 1300 odd feet to junction of pct and TK.  If you not in good shape, this hike will challenge you.

last 20’ of TK ascent was tricky.  May be I lost the trail but dog handled it well and views from top were to die for.

Total 360 degrees un interrupted views.


added entry into register and took customary photos.  Did a little cross country on the way down (lost trail, wasn’t trying to save mileage 🙂 before meeting trail again.

being Monday, Air tram wasn’t in service at Squaw but I have read people continue on PCT and take air tram down which should save you couple of miles.

overall blessed to have a day off and be able todo this hike


2 more todo before wrapping the challenge




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