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Ice House Canyon Trail

Trail Conditions:




I think the trail turtles are going for the record for slowest hikers to complete this hike! We started out at 6:15 a.m. from the Ice House Canyon Trail. The weather was great! You couldn't ask for a more clear sky and mild temps. While I didn't care for trekking over rocky terrain The scenery of the first 4 miles was beautiful. we reached the saddle about 9:00 a.m. where we took a long break for snacks and hydration. At this point one of group planned to leave us and return on her own. This hike was alot steeper than I imagined and definitely put my body to the test! By the time I entered the last mile to the summit my body was starting to break down. My hip flexors started to spasm and every step was painful! With the finish in sight I really believed I was going to have to quit. But my group would not allow it. So, I took some pain medication, and another 10 minute break, and continued on to make the summit about 1. We spent 45 minutes at the summit resting, eating, and taking the always required photo. The return was tricky with the steep rocky terrain but we made it down in 5 hours. In all it took 12 hrs for us to complete this hike. And while many do it in half of the time, I am okay with my time. As a person dealing with multiple physical limitations I'm just happy to say I did it! Besides, we aren't called trail turtles for nothing!


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