Whipping Winds of Mansfield

Peak SummitedMount Mansfield
TrailheadLong Trail/ Haselton

The day started off with a thunderstorm and we were expecting rain again for the morning so we were not expecting much on this hike. All I can say is wow, what a pleasant surprise indeed. Started the trek on the Long Trail and we could see the mountain from the parking lot and it was covered in clouds. The long trail was pleasantly gorgeous. I really enjoyed the scenery the whole way up. (This might be my favorite trail so far) once we got to the Adams Apple portion of the mountain we were met with some really strong winds but surprised to see the clouds cleared up so we could see the Chin in the near distance. The trail up to the chin had a lot of scrambling but had a blast doing it. The chin also had some nice views which made the hike much more enjoyable. We then started our way to the ridge portion of the trail to make our way over to the nose where we were hit by some very high gusts of wind. At some points almost knocking us down. Luckily, we took it slow and made it through laughing the whole way. We decided to descend on the Hastleton trail which starts off as a ski trail before you hit the woods where you could hear people zip lining down the mountain. I was not a fan of this trail as it was pretty basic and led you straight down the mountain and back into the parking lot but it got us to where we needed to be. I didn’t know what to expect with this hike as the weather wasn’t looking to great but ended up having a blast and it’s a hike I’ll never forget.


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