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Whistling cat of Maggies 1/2 Acre


Lichen Bark

Type of Hike:


Trail Conditions:

Trail in good condition


Road suitable for all vehicles


Bugs were not too bad


Snow free

This was the toughest of the 6 – and since the last, I had experienced all the others.  Maybe about same vertical as Mount Sizer on first day, but all either up or down – very little cruising.  And descending all of that the second day was painful, at least the following days.  Did it with about 32 pound pack since water at Maggie's Half Acre Camp was listed as intermittent and water along the way was not along the way.

We had a great camp up top with moderate temperatures and our timing was just a few days before the full moon, so we had a brightly lit camp, despite sunset at 5:03pm.  Went to bed early. Being right on the airline flight path, plenty of plane noise, but it eventually ended.  During the night I heard the whistle of what was probably a cougar cub.  Later, what was probably a falling acorn popped my tent and startled me.  Then, we were up before the dawn to break camp and head for the peak (following Jeff's plan) and arrived just past sunrise.  Really fun to have this be the first views to the west, so something special and new for the day.  Descended to nearly Schleiper's Rock before we made breakfast on another big rock.

Hadn't seen a single sole the first day (Friday), with only one other signed in on the Ohlone Log and he was through hiking back to Ohlone College.  But on way back, we ran into 2 at Schleiper's Rock and 12 more as we descended the rest of the way, done early afternoon, so made a smoothie stop in Livermore – YUM.


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