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Yo Quero Cinco Jacinto

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For those who take the Tram note, the first Tram Monday-Thursday does not depart until 10 AM and my hiking partner and I arrived at 8 AM. Patience prevailed, we got a 10 AM ticket only to find out that the Tram had mechanical problems. It finally began operating at 1145. The ride was spectacular and is a can't miss. We finally got started about 1230 or so, the hike is a bit shorter and not as much of a vertical climb as others, but it was great. Arrived at top at about 345 or so, the scramble actually kinda of fun, but the summit itself was small and a bit crowed, even with only 6 or seven hikers at the top. Of note both my partner and I had more altitude effects than previous hikes, so the climb down was a bit tough, and with the shadows I took a spill with a half mile to go. Dusted myself off, and limped to the tram. It was beautiful, in the books, and one more to go to complete the challenge – I am ready to tackle Gegornio in a few weeks and complete the challenge!!!!


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