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Chocorua in the Rain

Wasn’t expecting it to be a rainy one today, the hike started off fairly calm, (Although the mosquitoes were horrible) but on the way up

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Flowers and Vistas

Wild flowers are really starting to bloom! It’s a short but steep hike! But the views are amazing once you hit the saddle. Be aware

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Missed you Three!

This is my third trip to these three peaks and I just love the backcountry feeling I get when I don't see or hear humans.

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Christine Mellon

Black Butte Beauty

The trail is completely snow free and the bees are loving all the Manzanita and Serviceberry that is blooming.  Only a few other people on

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A Size thing

Mount Sizer is a hard enough hike, but then you consider I’m only about 4” tall and my head is more than 2/3 of my

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