Join the 2nd Annual

central coast Six-Pack of Peaks Challenge

Challenge begins January 1, 2024

Included with Registration

You are not just signing up for the challenge — you are joining a community of hikers, trail runners, and outdoor enthusiasts driven by a love of adventure and a desire to push their limits while exploring some of the most beautiful mountains on the Central Coast.


  • Your personalized Central Coast Hiker Tag with mini-carabiner to clip to your backpack. The hiker tag has your unique challenger number and an overview of the peaks in the challenge, stored in a water-resistant holder that can also be used to store ID, insurance card, or cash.
  • Leave No Trace reference card with the seven LNT principles.
  • A Central Coast sticker pack with dishwasher-safe, weather-resistant vinyl challenge stickers. Perfect for your water bottle or car.
  • Commemorative Six-Pack of Peaks enamel pin, perfect for attaching to your hat, backpack or bulletin board. 
  • Full instructions on how to log your hikes and successfully complete the challenge.
  • Download the free Social Hiker app for iOS and Android. You can connect with other challengers, get the latest trail beta, and log your hikes right from your phone.


  • Customize your profile and dashboard to track your progress
  • Earn virtual badges for each peak logged (and you might pick-up a few surprise badges along the way!)
  • Monthly gear giveaways
  • Monthly online happy hours, each with a different theme to help you level up your skills
  • Connect with other challengers in the discussion forums and through their hike logs


  • Printable SIX-PACK OF PEAKS Certificate of Achievement, suitable for framing or sharing on social media.
  • Entry to the year-end Grand Gear Giveaway

Leave No Trace Principles

“Take only photos. Leave only footprints.” It’s a phrase we’ve all heard before, but how and when does it apply to our outdoor adventures? All challengers are required to follow Leave No Trace principles. 

  • Plan Ahead and Prepare
    Know the regulations for the trail. Prepare for weather and other emergencies.
  • Travel and Camp on Durable Surfaces
    Stay on the trail. Walk in the middle of the trail, even when muddy or wet. 
  • Dispose of Waste Properly 
    Pack it in, pack it out. Yes, that includes your toilet paper. 
  • Leave What You Find
    Don't collect plants, flowers, or rocks. Leave nature as you find it.
  • Minimize Campfire Impacts 
    Only an issue in areas that allow campfires, and typically not an issue for day hikes. Make sure that fire is completely dead. 
  • Respect Wildlife
    Don't approach or feed wild animals. Control your pets and store food separately. 
  • Be Considerate of Others 
    Respect others on the trail. Take breaks away from the trail. Enjoy the sounds of nature and avoid loud noise (like Bluetooth speakers). 

Social Hiker is proud to be a Leave No Trace Community Partner. To learn more, visit

Hiking Groups

The Six-Pack of Peaks Challenge can be hiked solo, with friends, or with a group. Group hikes can be a great way to meet others and explore new trails together. 

  • Why hike with a group?
    Solo hikes can offer solitude and peace, but group hikes can be a great way to experience the challenge. Check out our guide to finding others to hike with.  
  • Hiking Groups & Clubs
    Check out our list of hiking groups that you can connect with for hikes on the challenge and more.
  • Are you a group leader? Gather your team and tackle the challenge together! Contact us to see if you qualify for a group discount. 

Training for the Challenge

Successfully completing the challenge requires preparing physically and mentally before even tackling your first peak.

  • Hiking Training One of the best was to train for the challenge is by hiking. Start with shorter distances, and work your way up to the distances you'll be hiking in the challenge. Once you have the distance, add-in vertical gain. This can be accomplished by multiple climbs, or a roller-coaster style hike.   Plan to hike 2-3 times per week, with one longer hike each week.
  • Strength Training In addition to hiking, strength training can improve your durability and resilience for the challenge.
  • 12-Weeks to Hike Fit program includes hiking and strength training. Developed by Lee “Flick: Welton of Trailside Fitness, Certified Personal Trainer and PCT thru-hiker.

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