Join the 4th annual

Las Vegas Six-Pack of Peaks Challenge

Challenge begins January 1, 2024

TURTLEHEAD PEAK – Elevation 6,323′ (1927m)

The most accessible peak in the challenge, Turtlehead Peak in the Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area is strenuous nonetheless. The payoff? Sublime views of Red Rock Canyon and Vegas. 

Recommended Six-Pack route: Turtlehead Peak
Distance: 4.6 miles; Vertical +/- 1,988 feet

BLACK MOUNTAIN – Elevation 5,093′ (1552m)

While close to the city, Black Mountain offers black volcanic rocks, Joshua trees, and spectacular views of the Strip and all surrounding mountain ranges of southern Nevada.

Recommended Six-Pack route: Black Mountain
Distance: 7 miles; Vertical +/- 2,068 feet

FLETCHER PEAK – Elevation 10,237′ (3120m)

The sixth highest mountain in southern Nevada that also makes a great snow climb in the winter. 

Recommended Six-Pack route: Fletcher Peak via North Loop Trail
Distance: 7.2 miles; Vertical +/- 2,270 feet

BONANZA PEAK – Elevation 10,400′ (3170m)

Solitude, pine forests and wild horses are features of Bonanza Peak in the Toiyabe National Forest. 

Recommended Six-Pack route: Bonanza Peak Out-and-Back
Distance: 9.2 miles; Vertical +/- 2,825 feet

GRIFFITH PEAK – Elevation 11,056′ (3370m)

Wildflowers and views abound on this hike up Griffith Peak. Best hiked from April to October, and can be combined with Mount Charleston. 

Recommended Six-Pack route: Griffith Peak via South Loop
Distance: 9.8 miles; Vertical +/- 3,390 feet

MOUNT CHARLESTON – Elevation 11,918′ (3633m)

The highest peak in southern Nevada, and the 8th most prominent peak in the U.S.. This can be hiked as an out-and-back or a loop, though no matter which you choose, it's a long, strenuous hike. Be sure to check the forecast for potential thunderstorms and wind. 

Recommended Six-Pack route: Mount Charleston North to South via Trail Canyon
Distance: 16.6 miles; Vertical +/- 5,075 feet

Alternate Peaks

For 2023, Mummy Mountain has been designated an optional alternate peak. If you choose, you can replace any of the six peaks above with Mummy Mountain.

Mummy Mountain

MUMMY MOUNTAIN – Elevation 11,542′ (3518m)

Physically and technically challenging, the climb up Mummy Mountain rewards you with views that extend hundreds of miles in every direction. Includes a steep Class 3 section of screen and a rock chute to the summit.  

Recommended Six-Pack route: Mummy Mountain via Trail Canyon
Distance: 8.8 miles; Vertical +/- 3,143 feet

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