Hike Logs: 2018 NorCal Six-Pack of Peaks Challenge

Are you taking the NorCal Six-Pack of Peaks Challenge? Here you can see all the hikes logged in our 2018 challenge, with the most recent at the top. Click on a hike log to see all the details, more photos and leave comments for the challengers.

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Mt. Tamalpais

By Michael Winstandley | June 30, 2022

A wonderful blue-sky day for my final hike of the 2022 NorCal Six-Pack of Peaks Challenge. I started at Lake Lagunitas, which made the hike…

The Rollercoaster

By Jennifer | June 29, 2022

This was a difficult and less enjoyable hike- I had to get some time and space from it before even logging it. Unlike most summits…

Beach to Mountain Hike

By melissa jane | June 28, 2022

My partner and I enjoyed this hike on the most beautiful day. The drive there was stunning, the hike was challenging and the tacos at…

Mount Tammy

By Michael | June 25, 2022

Beautiful Hike! Spectacular views…really really nice trail the whole way through!  Completely rewarding, really loved every minute of it! The waterfalls, the redwoods, the cool…

Most confusing peak to pronounce!

By Carlos | June 23, 2022

Bagged Peak #5… MOUNT UMUNHUM  The was a very enjoyable hike!  The trail signs were easy to maneuver, most of the trails were wide, plenty…

Stopped to smell The Roses 🌹 🌹

By Carlos | June 23, 2022

Bagged Peak #4… ROSE PEAK! This was a nice hike, however the trail signs could be improved.  The signs didn't say what trail you're on? …

Mount umunhum

By Thuy-Nhi Nguyen | June 19, 2022

Weather was fairly nice. A nice breeze here and there. We hiked during mid 70 degree weather. By the time we got to the top,…

So much dust!

By Kathryn Eubank | June 19, 2022

This one really is a challenge given the hike back out of the valley following the summit and descent of Sizer. Most of the trails…

Mount Umunhum

By Allen Chai | June 19, 2022

Clear blue bird day, barely any clouds, 74 degrees F for day high, and gusts of wind throughout the day. A few large rocks on…

Mt. Sizer

By Pete | June 19, 2022

Death march. Trail is very steep in places and very dusty. Did not enjoy it.