Hike Logs: 2018 NorCal Six-Pack of Peaks Challenge

Are you taking the NorCal Six-Pack of Peaks Challenge? Here you can see all the hikes logged in our 2018 challenge, with the most recent at the top. Click on a hike log to see all the details, more photos and leave comments for the challengers.

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Rose Peak from Sunol

By Karl Doll | December 8, 2018

Peak Rose Peak Group Simran, Anthony, Sam, Pavla Trailhead Sunol, via Little Yosemite Woot! This is my sixth of six, and my longest hike in about 10 years! The weather was great, and so were the hiking companions. We entered the park at 8AM, and exited at 5:30PM. (Official closing time, in the winter is […]

The toughest — but views are worth it

By Anne-Marie Eileraas | December 2, 2018

Peak Rose Peak Group   Trailhead Sunol Visitor's Center This is a great winter hike, when the sun is low and temperature is cool. I saw only a handful of people on the trail, all in the lower part between the trailhead and backpacker's camp. The climbs are not overly steep, but there is up-and-down […]

Quad Dippers, Celebrity Instagramer and Water, Oh My!

By worldsbreathingroom | November 24, 2018

Peak Mount Tamalpais Group My sister, Marin Trailhead Dipsea @ Stinson Beach I did it!!! I finished the North Cal Six Pack of Peaks Challenge! Today my sister Marin and I, embarked on a strenuous hike up to Mt. Tam from Stinson Beach. 15 miles round trip, 2,700ft elevation gain and oh the views and […]

Rose Peak

By Clayton | November 11, 2018

Peak Rose Peak Group No Trailhead Rose peak from Sunol It was long. It was Veterans Day. It was to prepare for next weekend mt. Langley climb.

Smoked covered Rose Peak

By John Minkema | November 10, 2018

Peak Rose Peak Group   Trailhead Del Valle Regional Park I completely agree with Jeff Hester “This is one tough hike.” Left before the sun was up and returned after sunset, but loved every minute of snagging a dozen or so geocaches, detouring to a dry Murietta Falls, and planting the Raiders flag at the […]

Peaceful Easy Feeling..

By Kfanene | November 7, 2018

Peak Mount Umunhum Group   Trailhead Bald Mountain Trail Parking Lot Hiking in general refuels my soul..but this hike touched me in a different way. The hike itself is pretty mild, easy trail to follow, plenty of deer and beautiful scenery. However, as I started to walk towards the car at the end of the […]

Just Rosy

By Ray Hefner | November 4, 2018

Peak Rose Peak Group   Trailhead Del Valle Visitor Center According to literature, a “single rose is, in essence, a symbol of completion, of consummate achievement and perfection.” And so this was my last hike of the six. Yes, this is another big climb right out of the gate. 2,000 feet of climbing in the […]

Epic End to the Six Pack Of Peaks

By Arcadia | November 4, 2018

Peak Rose Peak Group   Trailhead Sunol Wilderness 12hrs and 19.2 miles later……. Rose Peak was crushed. 2 friends and I started this hike at around 9:20am from Sunol Wilderness and ended it at about 9:15pm with an extra fellow hiker who did not want to get caught in the dark by himself. This hike […]

Took the “Short Cut” to the top of Mt. Sizer

By John Minkema | November 3, 2018

Peak Mount Sizer Group   Trailhead Park Headquarters Veteran Bay Area hikers will inevitably ask, “Have you done the Short Cut?” finally being able to answer “yes” is a point of significant pride. More details: https://www.alltrails.com/explore/recording/mt-sizer-loop–7

Short but tart 🙂

By Kfanene | October 31, 2018

Peak Mission Peak Group Nope Trailhead Main Entrance on Stanford Decided to start the challenge with this trail. Great workout but pretty boring compared to the others, except for the occasional cow and calf. 🙂 And of course the view. That doesn't take away the feeling of accomplishment when you finally reach the peak. The […]