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Check out what other challengers are doing!  This shows all the peaks logged across all challenges in the Six-Pack of Peaks Challenge Series. You can page through them all, or filter to show just hikes from one challenge. 

SoCal Six-Pack

Worth the climb

This hike was awesome!!! First time hiking in snow and loved every minute of it. The last hill before the summit was brutal, the winds

SoCal Six-Pack
Courtney O

Snow capped Baden Powell

Today marked hike #1 in our six pack of peaks challenge. Although MBP was an alternate to Wilson, we originally said we would do both

SoCal Six-Pack
Tim LaMela

Mt. Wilson plus some….

Hike was long and beautiful! Took a detour all the way down the toll road and back to the loop. No mosquitos or bugs. Alot

SoCal Six-Pack
Jeremy Wells

14 Miles

January 11th we set out to tackle our 1st Peak of the 6 peak challenge. We figured Mt. Wilson would be fairly easy considering it

SoCal Six-Pack
Terri Gray

San J in the Snow

CRazy challenging but gorgeous-my first derp powder snow hike!!

SoCal Six-Pack
Jesse Fernandez

First 2018 winter storm

1/10/18 After a dry warm 2017 winter finally the beginning of 2018 the forecast predicted snow in SoCal. We waited for the storm to pass

SoCal Six-Pack
Xochitl Cervantes

Winter Wonderland

We made our way to Marion Mountain, could not reach trailhead due to road closures. We decided to take the tram. Unfortunately, the first tram

SoCal Six-Pack

Who needs snow shoes!!!

Ranger told us 4 to 8 inches 8” being at the top. More like 8 to 2 1/2 feet at the top. A lot of