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Southern California
Leon Perales

Shananigins with HBTH

Awesome cool day. Started early and ran into a few hikers that I know from LazyAss Hikes after reaching Ontario peak we went to Big

Southern California
Chelsea Cross

Starting the Year Off Right

This hike was my 2nd this year. My husband Brian and I got an early start at the Manker Flats area. Last year we went

Southern California

Up, Up, and Away!

We started just as the sun was rising. The parking lot was dark and the breeze was very chilly. Most of us in the group

Southern California

Stomping on the PCT

Perfect weather and just before the snowfall!

Southern California

Mt. Wilson

Weather was great! Trail was in good condition we even saw a family of deer!

Southern California

Mt Baldy Hike before the snow comes in

Beautiful hike up to Mt. Baldy Summit with Lisa and first time hiking back to back peaks in a weekend. Awesome first week of hiking!

Southern California

One down, five to go!

What a great hike! I've lived in Southern California all of my life and had never been in this area. We started at Chantry Flat

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