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  • Jeff

    March 1, 2020 at 5:34 am

    We will have additional swag available at the Finishers Party in October. For the 2019 SoCal challenge we had Finisher stickers, t-shirts and posters.

    Patches are challenging because of the long lead time to produce. On the new challenges, we’ve changed from sending out a patch with the welcome packet to awarding patches to finishers only, and only at the end of the challenge. We might do something similar for the 2021 SoCal challenge. Our goal is to reduce waste by ordering a number of patches that allows sufficient extras, without ending up with too many that nobody needs or wants.

    Stickers have a very short production turnaround, and give us much more flexibility. T-shirts, posters and hats are even easier, because they are all produced on-demand (no inventory maintained).

    Apart from the patch you asked about, what sort of swag would you love to see?

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