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  • Jeff

    April 1, 2019 at 2:00 pm

    [quote quote=40907]Jeff is spot on with all of these recommendations. A couple of other items you might find useful as well are a whistle, small space blanket, and first aid kit. I always like to be prepared for the unexpected. The noise of a whistle carries a long way if you need to get someone’s attention. A tiny space blanket fits in the plan of your hand and only weighs a couple of ounces, but can be used to keep yourself or someone else warm. Small first aid kits are also worth their weight.[/quote]Good catch on those additional items. My pack has a whistle built-in to the sternum strap, so I often forget about that. The space blanket it smart. I totally forgot about the first aid kit, which is absolutely in my pack. You can “roll your own” first aid kit pretty inexpensively. I usually put more band aids and ibuprofen than the pre-packaged ones include. 😉

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