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We were expecting to have thunderstorms late morning as we started our journey up the ski trails of Mt Greylock. Knowing the expected conditions of our trek we opted to have our rain gear ready at moment’s notice but luckily that forecast did not come to fruition. As we trekked up the thunderbolt trail we soon realized that there were more junctions than the map had depicted and we were confused on the direction we should take. We mostly worked off intuition to guide us which I wasn’t all too comfortable doing but we made it to the summit without fail. Along the way we had some beautiful views of the town of Adams on the valley floor and the surrounding mountains on this overcast day which made the strenuous hike worth every step taken. At the summit of the tallest mountain in Massachusetts stands a beautiful tower built as a memorial to the men and women who have fallen while in the service of our great nation. At the top of the tower is a Beacon for peace which shines a powerful light to honor our fallen heroes. There’s an observation deck within the tower which allows 360 degree views of the surrounding area and beyond, which is a must see. On the decent we opted to hike the Gould trail which would loop us back to the parking lot. This trial is more of a gradual slope than the thunderbolt trail we started with. As we trekked down we took our time soaking in the tranquility of the wooded trail. However, again we ran into more unmarked or confusing junctions that were not on the available map we had. This seemed like a common occurrence with this mountain as others had trouble too and should be addressed. Looking back at the trek of Mt greylock, I would say I that I underestimated the hike. Though not near the most strenuous hike that I have ever completed it wasn’t the easiest either. Though I probably won’t revisit this mountain again I would recommend it to trek it at least once.


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