Hike Log

Back Home with Family.


Wasson Peak Trail

Type of Hike:

Day hike

Trail Conditions:

Trail in good condition


Road suitable for all vehicles


No bugs


Snow free

I left Tucson back in April of 2012. Since then I lived in two cities across the country, South Carolina and California and recently made it back to my home state. In those years since I have picked up some new habits and hobbies and one is day hiker. Have hiked the Kings Mountain State park and Yosemite park and never had the opportunity to hike in my own home state until this challenge, not to mention my home town.

In such occasion my brother join us on this adventure, which made it extra special for me. Thank you Six Pack Challenge. Started a bit on the late time, roughly 7:45am. But once the party was complete we set to the peak. It started nice and easy but we were exposed and in no time i felt my skin a bit on the “hot” side. Used my headband as a neck protector and carried on.

Once in the first “saddle” we took our first break. Until here the hike was relatively easy. Then we started to gain significant elevation in a very short distance which we felt. The heat wasn’t as bad the higher we got since there was a little breeze going.

At the peak! Took our second break! And it was worth it the view was spectacular. Having lived in Tucson forever and never got to see  the beauty there is in Tucson. In a way it filled me with regret not getting into hiking back in the day. But we learn and move forward.

On the way back it was a totally different hike. The trail was more sandy than rocky which my feet appreciated. Once at the parkin lot we realized we were super exposed as we started to feel the sunburn we all got! But well earned! Definitely a hike to be done again!


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