Hike Log

Baldy, the Beast


Mankers Flat

Trail Conditions:




Disclaimer: I'm not a huge fan of Mt. Baldy so I'm always relieved when this hike is over.

Our hike started out uneventful (read: me just huffing and puffing) until about a mile to go before the summit. There were small, placemat-sized patches of ice and I was doing my best to sidestep them. Then boom, I slipped on one and landed on my left wrist. I didn't feel any pain so we trudged on. On the way home, my wrist started swelling so I stopped by an Urgent Care to have it looked at. No fractures, thank goodness. I will never under-estimate ice again, no matter how tiny or seemingly melted they are.

That fall aside, the summit did not disappoint. Baldy is beautiful, but a beast. Till next year!


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