Coo coo for Cucamonga

Peak SummitedCucamonga Peak
TrailheadIcehouse Canyon

The hike up was pretty decent. It was much easier the second time up Icehouse after having done Ontario with GWHLA a month or so ago. I already knew what to expect so I didn't have any trouble climbing up this time. Alejandra, my partner in crime from GWHLA, and I both agreed that the second time was much easier. We had already both convinced ourselves that we were going to die, so it was rather comforting when we didn't. Ha ha! Surprisingly, we made great time up the summit and down to the parking lot. The first time we went through Icehouse to do Ontario it took us 6.5 hours. This time we made it to the saddle by 9:30 and to the summit by 12:00 on the dot. We started roughly around 6:45 AM. It was a great feeling. Did I mention how much I loved pride rock! I meant to bring my Smokey the Bear plush and forgot. I may very well have to go back just to get that epic Pride Rock pic with Smokey. I have to admit however that I was a little disappointed with the clouds. It was very hazy and the view wasn't as awesome as it was even the day before. Some sick part of me wants to go back and get that epic above the clouds look from Cucamonga. That's why I might actually be Coo Coo for Cucamonga! The view up there was epic!


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  1. I love the views from Cucamonga Peak! One time I was up there at night and saw the fireworks at Disneyland!