Do you know where the summit sign is!?!??!

Peak SummitedBergen Peak
TrailheadMeadow Park Trail

The weather was perfect but the views were hazy. The hike overall was not as intensive as I thought it would be, although it did take us about 15 minutes to find where the summit sign was.


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  1. Congratulations… One down, five to go! Looks like good hiking weather, too.

    So… where DID you find the summit sign, in relationship to the antenna that’s up there?

  2. Thanks! I’m definitely not the best at giving directions, but if I had to try to direct someone to the summit sign I would tell them to follow the trail to the “end” at the peak, turn around so you are facing the antenna tower, and then walk directly past the the antenna tower about 100 feet. There was no clear path to it and several trees covering any good view of it. However, if you look around for where the true peak is formed, you can find it. 😀