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Siphon Draw

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It was a great day, cool and cloudy most of the way up and down. The first 2 miles were fairly simple and I was wondering why people said this was a five-hour hike. Then we hit the climbing section and I suddenly remembered I have knees–and they are old. This is one of those hikes where I didn't get any pictures on the way up because I was focusing on the climb. It gets pretty crowded only because everyone bottlenecks in the more difficult climbing sections. Try to follow the dots and X's and stay to the left when in doubt. When we were there enough people were hiking that it was easy to find your way by following them. Everyone is encouraging and helpful if you get into a difficult situation, or nervous at some point. I met a long time Instagram follower on the trail so that was fun! I'm 60 and was clearly the oldest person on this trail except the 87-year-old guy who climbs that peak regularly. What an inspiration he is!!! I'm so happy to have conquered this peak!

If you want to see the memorial while you're up there go to your left at the top instead of to the peak (or after you go to the summit). It's tragic, sad and emotional, but worth honoring their young lives.


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