Hop on the Camel’s Hump

Peak SummitedCamel's Hump
TrailheadBurrows Trail

Camel’s Hump is the third highest mountain in Vermont.

There are a few trails that can take you to the summit. I decided to make a loop hike so I took following trails Burrows Trail and Long Trail South to the summit, Long Trail South, Forest City Trail and Connector Trail to return where I started.

Burrows Trail starts at Burrows Trailhead parking in Camel’s Hump State Park. This trail is around 2.1 miles long and connects with Long Trail South that takes you to the summit. The first half of this trail is moderate, but the other half is very steep and rocky. Almost all trail is in the woods, so I reached treeline when after I got up junction with Long Trail. From junction, it’s 0.3 miles to the summit. This part is also steep and rocky. Summit of Camel’s Hump offers great views in all ways. My views were a little bit blocked with rolling clouds, but still, I enjoyed views to the Mt. Mansfield and valleys around. To descend town I continued on Long Trail South for about 2 miles, before I reached the junction with Forest City Trail. This part of Long Trail is also very steep and rocky. Forest City Trail is moderate and descends steadily to the bottom. Forest City trail meets Connector trail 0.3 miles before Burrows Trail Parking lot.

Some hike data:
Total distance: 8.42 miles
Total ascent: 4.02 miles
Total descent: 2.98 miles
Elevation gain: 2607 ft.
Total duration: 02:52:56


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  1. The views are epic, even with the clouds! Looks like you had a bit of everything with the weather.