Hike Log

Midday Umunhum warmup


Bald Mountain Staging Area

Trail Conditions:




I got a later start to the day as to avoid rush hour traffic from SF to SJ, heading out around 10am. I arrived at the trailhead at approximately 11:30am. Temperatures were hovering at 95 deg F, but the trail was partially shaded and there was a nice breeze to help keep the worst of the heat off. This being the first serious hike for me in about a year, it was a perfect warmup for the rest of the challenge. The 3.7 miles up made for a mellow climb that took me about 2 hours. As others have reported, the last 0.3 miles of trail to the summit were closed, so I took the 159 stairs up to the top. After spending some time at the summit taking in the views, I made my way down. Jogging part of the way, my descent was a quick 45 minutes. 8.1 miles total, 1,227 feet of elevation gain.


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